Fringe Festival Review: HUMMINGBIRD

A murder romance inspired by the true story of the Lonely Hearts Killers, HUMMINGBIRD is pure raw emotion and visually stunning.

Much of the magic of HUMMINGBIRD is in the details: the perfectly chosen 1950s music, the lamp that’s also a microphone, the radio announcements, the flashes of a police interrogation in the background, the funny moment when undertaker Edith Cole uses a corpse as a desk so she can feverishly write down the address for Lonely Hearts –the place where she’ll eventually meet Ralph Conti and seal her destiny.

And then there are the doomed lovers, who tell almost all of their tale without uttering a word. Instead, they show us their happiness, their anguish and their fears through acrobatics and movement, soaring and swooning over tables and each other – and the result it’s hauntingly beautiful.

[reviewed by Diana Bocco]


©Joe Hulbert
©Joe Hulbert


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