Cuddle with a Kitty at a Cat Cafe

Cat cafes are the ideal place to relax in some very good feline company.

The cat cafe craze might have started in Asia (the first one opened in Taiwan in 1998), but it has long since reached Europe.

One of Prague’s most popular cat cafes is Kočičí Kavárna in Smichov, where the 10 resident cats get a run of both the indoor cafe and the garden. There are tons of places for the cats to lounge, climb and hide, and the outdoor space is well protected by wire so the cats can’t accidentally jump out or escape. Not that the cats will try, as they seem quite content to catch a view of the birds from afar or take a nap on your lap. 

Kočičí Kavárna                                                                                                                                                Vodní 7, Prague 5



Other cat cafes in Prague:

Kočkafé Freya
Bořivojova 43, Prague 3

Social Point
Gorazdova 20, Prague 2

Kavárna Kočičí
Křižíkova 22, Prague 8