Fringe Festival [May-June]

A festival of everything theater, comedy, storytelling and much more.

The Fringe Festival takes over Prague between May 26th and June 3rd and offers theater lovers a chance to see something different. With most shows clocking at around 60 minutes, it’s possible to not only catch more than one show per day, but also to experience alternative theater, unusual blended shows, and unique performances that you might not be able to find around at other times.

This year’s Fringe Festival offers 50 different shows presented at seven venues, with theater assembles from the US, England, Iceland, Norway, and more making an appearance.

Kontra Alt copy

As always, the selection is wide and varied. In addition to traditional theater, you can also catch stand up comedy, solo shows, spoken word presentations, visual and musical theater, and interactive plays. Multi-award winner Sajeela Kershi is presenting her new show about multiculturalism and one of the UK’s leading improv shows is taking over the stage with their brand new Men with Coconuts stand up.

Then there are shows like Tiger, pushing the envelope in performances where the audience chooses the outcome, or Sweden’s Kontra Alt, which promises a mix of “mating dances, poetic imagery, intense physicality, folksongs and hymns.” [Prague Fringe]

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Perhaps best of all: it’s hard to tell what many shows are about just by their descriptions — which means you really have to buy a ticket and go to discover them. A little bit of a gamble, perhaps, but with so many award-winning shows and high quality actors in attendance, chances are you won’t be disappointed.

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